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Time is precious! We want to help you get your “To Do’s” done so you can relax and focus on the activities that are most important to you.

Golden Touch Concierge, LLC offers professional and quality concierge services for our clients. No matter what your schedule, demands or obligations are, we can help with your day-to-day lifestyle, household responsibilities and family duties. We can help you with your errand running, personal shopping, grocery delivery, home organization, and much more.

If you are responsible for the care of your older loved ones and need help completing all of your daily tasks, trust Golden Touch to assist you with personal care management such as helping with personal errands and/or home management tasks.

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Senior Care


Mary Pat Monfort is a Godsend! She is dependable, resourceful, creative, and knowledgeable. I was tasked with cleaning out my mother’s home of 16 years to get it ready for selling all by myself.
I don’t live in Macon, I was there for a limited time, and I needed help. Mary Pat took the time to learn my needs, see what overwhelmed me, and helped me think of things that didn’t occur to me with a city-to-city move. I am so grateful for Mary Pat and the services and help she provided to me. I could never have done the job without her!”


Mary Pat Monfort has helped me so much! I needed help with personal shopping and finding the right outfits for myself and my daughter. Everything she chose for us we loved! She can find you just about anything you are looking for with patience and ease. She would find the perfect accessories and outfits that complimented us both. Mary Pat has also come to our house and organized my closets and helped me become clutter-free! I love her promptness and personal touch she puts into everything she does. I would highly recommend her “Golden Touch” services to anyone, whether it be personal services, shopping, or organizing. She is awesome!